Concert Band I

Course Description

Concert Band I is a full year course for 9th grade students entering the Berlin High School Band program. In this course, students will continue to develop independent musicianship in a smaller ensemble setting. Through the use of appropriate exercises and literature, emphasis will be placed on the development of fundamental skills related to proper tone production, musical literacy, basic music theory, and musicianship. Through performance, students will gain valuable and memorable musical experiences. Students will be required to attend all football games, events, and required rehearsals in the evening. A required, one week marching band camp is held in August. In addition, the concert band and its members will travel to regional and national festivals to perform and compete.

Concert Band I Audio Recordings Spring 2018

Concert Band I 02.mp3

Kentucky 1800, Clare Grundman

Concert Band I 03.mp3

Appalachian Morning, Robert Sheldon

Concert Band I 01.mp3

Celebration, Randall Standridge